Monday, April 30, 2018

Week of April 23 to 27th, 2018

Monday was different than normal. Instead of math, we had outside time for that I feel :) and :(. Besides that everything went fine.

Tuesday was different. We walked for Water. We use food which symbolizes the water so many other people in the world have to carry every day. Kenya and I almost passed out because we had no water on the way there and back. It was a hot day. Good thing we didn't :). We were able to cool down in a park and eat our lunches.

Wednesday was great because we went to camp. We discovered that my cabin group had a gigantic yurt to stay in we unpacked. When we got to camp we had lunch and went on a zip line. We all have the choice to go on a top bunk but some didn't, for instance, Noah slept under my bed! At the dining hall, we all lined up outside and got told a story about food waste and how it's wasted from other people's work. So that's when we had the Ort report after every meal and our goal was to get as low as possible to show that we weren't wasting people's work. Our school on the third meal got 0 Ort. We went to cabins or Yurts and lights out was at 10.

Thursday was really strange for me because I was without my shirt on putting sunscreen on. When Noah shouted to some fifth-grade girls and said” look up here.” they saw me. No big deal but Noah thought it was funny. During rec time Hans, Daniel C and me went to the archery range and shot a round of arrows. None of my arrows stayed in the target :(  No one was injured! After dinner which was hamburger's, we went to our cabins for about an hour practicing our skits. At around 9 we went to the Outback Trail and went to another campfire away from fifth graders and then performed our skits and danced to music. Then we walked back to our cabins and we had lights out at 10 after we played flux.

Friday was sad because we had to pack up and leave and go home :(. Before we went home we played kickball with a giant ball. After lunch, we cleaned up and had a DANCE PARTY! The ride home was fun because we played never have I ever. It was a great week with my classmates. We were all very tired after we got home. I had a great shower!

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