Monday, April 23, 2018

Week of April 16-20th, 2018

Monday, like many other days, was very uneventful. First, we tried
the map testing once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Sadly, I
think it still didn’t work after those tests because of the wifi.
Second, we helped the 1st grade with the Fitness Gram tests. James
and I did not have partners so we sharpened pencils and mopped the
floors. Finally, we did not have ELA at the end of the day because
we helped the 1st grade.
Tuesday, got a little more eventful. In science, we learned that we
would be researching a genetic disorder. I learned that OCD was a
“disease.” Lots of people used powtoons and imovie to do their projects.
The next thing we did was the Fitness Gram Pacer test. The FitnessGram
Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively
gets more difficult as it continues. Next, Mrs. Pierson told us about
the Poetry Project. It consists of a Food Poem, I am so hungry for…
poem, and Inside this… poem. At the end of the day, we recommended
who we would like to be in our cabins. After school, the girls were
very excited. What were they excited for-...a volleyball game against
Lakeside. In the end, they smashed Lakeside’s faces and went home
In art on Wednesday, we wrote about what our Pysanky Eggs represent
and mine was about prosperity, wealth, and abundant crops. Second,
Ms. O gave us a full work period to do our projects. At the end of
the day, we learned more about camp and asked lots of questions
Thursday was very fun and entertaining. We got to work on our projects
in science while the wifi was not working. In PE we played Daniel Z’s
supersport game which was Field Hockey. It was very fun and a lot
better than the Fitness Gram Pacer test. Finally, for Hot Lunch, we
got Image result for papa johns instead of Image result for dominos which was interesting.
As usual, on Friday we had mass and the homily was very different
than usual. Then, Mrs. Denniston came in and made comics with us
about a topic. Third, we enjoyed our reading buddies and picture books.
Personally, reading buddies brings me back to my childhood.
After Break Time, we learned out cabin assignments and learning
groups. Eventually, we had to do some learning so we went to math
and played memory games. We then watched Ferdinand the Bull which
was a decent movie. Along with the movie came rootbeer floats, yet
I spilled mine so I was all sticky. The very last thing we did
on Friday was play kickball.

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