Monday, March 19, 2018

Week of March 12-18th, 2018

Week of March 11-18th 2018

This week was pretty crazy we started the week with dress rehearsals for the play. Then Tuesday came and it was pretty normal, except that we had someone come in at P.E. to teach us salsa dancing. Wednesday was crazy we started with Pi day. During Pi day we would all go to our families and play math games and eat pie, not the number Pi, the food pie. After that, we went to a 17-minute prayer service for the 17 lives lost in the Florida shooting. Finally, we did half of the play for the rest of the school but we cut out the Stampede because we didn’t want to kill Mufasa in front of the kids.

For anyone NOT in the play, Thursday was normal just fine but for the kids that ARE it was INSANE. We got out of school and had around one and a half hours until we had to get to the opening night of the play and we didn’t get home till about 9:30. My favorite part of the play was "They Live in You." Then from Friday-Sunday were pretty much the same except we didn’t have school. YAAAAAAY. So we actually got time at home. Then if you were on the boy’s volleyball team you had to get up on Saturday to go to a volleyball game.

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