Monday, March 5, 2018

Week of February 26th-March 2nd, 2018

This week was just a normal week. First, Monday was just a normal day. On Tuesday, a speaker from the We organization came, then about half of the class participated in a workshop. At the workshop, we played some games, then we split into two groups to come up with an idea to help two different worldwide problems. On Wednesday, we presented our nervous system disease projects. All of them were really good. Also on Wednesday, we got introduced to Membean. Membean is a vocabulary website that teaches you a lot of vocabulary. To start Thursday, we presented more of our science projects. After that, we were just starting to learn a new dance, when Mrs. Clayton came to our rescue and took everyone in the play to the Multi-Purpose Room to practice for the play. While most of us were in the play, the other part of the class participated in the P.E. Winter Olympics. In Social Studies, we had a test. The rest of Thursday was normal, and the hot lunch was tacos.
On Friday, our 50 point book reports were due. We got to school and had Mass, then Mrs. Pierson gave us no Mass reflection. After that, we had second step/religion and social studies. Then came recess and lunch, but after that, we had no math because the 7th grade and our math teachers went on a field trip. Instead of math, we presented our book reports. I saw a ton of time capsules. After we presented it was time for everyone’s favorite subject: ELA!!! But once again, Mrs. Clayton came to our rescue to take the play people to practice. After that, school was out, but a lot of the class went on the last ski bus trip of the year. Saturday came, and the boys' volleyball team played St. Al/John at 10:00 A.M. We got destroyed the first game, but we won our second game. We started out good, and we won!
You stay classy Mrs. Pierson’s class.

Play practice

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