Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weeks of February 12-23rd, 2018

Hello friends!! The past two weeks were very exciting. On February 12th we had our Valentines day party which was very fun, thank you to everyone for the sweets/ cards. The day after that we went to St. Vincent De Paul which is always one of the best field trips ever! And it looked like all of us had lots of fun handing out food, but on the way back to school I’m pretty sure most of us were tired out and just wanted to get home and take a nap or eat some sort of candy, perhaps some Nutella even...hehehehehehehehehehehe. Before the whole field trip we went to P.E. and danced to the cupid shuffle, I could tell that most everyone really didn’t want to start dancing AT ALL!! The rest of the week was normal except for the fact that we went to the Ash Wednesday mass which happens to be the same day as Valentine's day. Thursday we went to P.E. and sadly had to dance salsa or something, personally I think dancing on my own was the best part, but I think all of us are looking forward to waltzing,(please note that that was sarcasm).

The next week we only had three days of school. I don’t know if everyone went on a trip... but if you did I hope you had fun! The girl's volleyball team had practice on Tuesday, but there were only six girls there, Oh! and it was snowing very lightly outside. When we got back to school on Wednesday it looked like everyone was tired or didn’t want to be there, and just wanted to go home and eat Nutella...that was probably just me... or was it? BUM BUM BAHHHH. On Thursday we had half a snow day! There wasn’t as much snow as there was on Christmas but still SNOW!!! Lastly, on Friday there wasn’t much. We went to mass and once again didn’t get called up to the altar but I guess that’s ok besides the fact that we’ve never been called up this year but you know it’s fine. And we played a fun game in Second step. Hopefully, you all had a good week like I did!

-Hannah  \ ^_ ^ /

OLL Students at the St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank:

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