Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week of Jan 29-Feb 2nd, 2018

Hi everyone, Simon here. So last week was really fun!!! It was Catholic Schools Week, and we had a lot of fun things going on. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a bake sale going on. I heard we raised around $750 dollars!!! Also, on Friday we had theme day!
Our theme was digital We all dressed up as something from a video game
or from a movie.

On Thursday we had pride wear. But best of all on Friday we had a green and gold day,
but don't forget the volleyball game. It was awesome!! Even though we lost it was still a
bunch of fun! Go, teachers! (Even though I wanted the students to win) Oh, I almost forgot.
We also had some fun working on our Egyptian banquet. My group's social class is priests.
I hope everyone's project is going well too.

The boys' basketball team did really well!! We placed 4th! On Saturday we will have ourlast game. We are playing against ASB and are going to win! I hope everyone had a
good week and I hope the next week will be even better.


Working on Egyptian Banquet Project

Teacher vs. Students Volleyball Game

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