Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 5th-9th, 2018

Hello everyone or yii em hotep as we say in Egypt. We had a very busy
week, this week we had the Egyptian Banquet. The Banquet was a lot of fun.
We got to dress like the Egyptians, wear makeup, and even eat like them.
The food was delicious and the fun part was we got to eat with our hands.
The act-outs where a lot of fun too.

But this weekend was AWESOME because the 6th grade girls got to go to
the Championships and the Playoffs. On Saturday, we played Holy Rosary
and beat them 26-15 or something like that but we played really hard and
agressive. On Sunday we went to the championship. We played another
great game but unfortunately we lost 23-7. We brought home a 2nd place
trophy to add to our TROPHY COLLECTION. But we still have 2 more years
to bring a 1st place trophy home! Hope we have another great week!


6th Grade Egyptian Banquet

6th Grade Girls BB Game

6th Grade Girls 2017-18 BB Team

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