Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week of January 8th-12th, 2018

This week of school was interesting to say the least. We started the week like any other with the usual pledging of the elegance and Monday morning meetup. During the Monday morning meetup, the kindergarten put on a miny play about how baby Jesus was born. I think I speak for everyone when I say I was impressed. Then there was a bowling field trip on Thursday wich as with the whole week was interesting. When we got there I was astonished by the incredibly long line of the vending machine, even funnier was that whenever you got a more gut ball and of a strike, spare, or split there would be an animation of a bowling pin being A, mangled B, thrown into a bunch of pins or C, hit with a bowling ball and cut in half. Midway through this extravagant trip to spin co. vending machine alley (yes they actually called it that do to the line at the vending machine) I actually bowled a spare and OOOOOH Boy I was hyped as in within a minute of doing so I chugged a whole bottle of soda!

   The next mildly important event of the week was the speech tournament which occurred on Saturday. When I got them I saw Hans, Brooke, Logan, and everyone else. My first round was a pure work of art I made one person cry and, did not go over time. I also watched Hans’s and Frankie’s speeches in the category of storybook and also expository. Then we had lunch which was quite the situation, to say the least. Earlier in the day, I heard a speech on food that is bad for you that could cause obesity and unsurprisingly half of the items in my lunch, where on the list, I can't figure out why twinkies and Doritos cause obesity. Then came the finals which were an emotional time for all of us because of Frankie, Daniel, Logan, and Hans all find. To top it all off OLL placed in the FIRST which made Jen and Vick so happy!

-Noah 2212

Vending Machine Line

Happy Bowlers

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