Monday, January 8, 2018

Week of January 3-5th, 2018

Now we all know that nobody wanted to go to school on Wednesday.Yes, even your Mrs. Pierson, but hey! We got to have two extra days of break so that’s pretty snazzy.

During break, I’m sure everyone had a great time in the snow! This week on Wednesday we had science and surprise, surprise Mr. Muscle Man from Poke-A-Muscle Appeared, I’m sure some of the class were VERY enthusiastic about this! We also had our first play practice! It was kinda boring but I honestly was enjoying myself trying to sing African and we did have our laughing breakouts while trying to sing because everyone knows how to sing African!
Thursday was slightly different since Ms. O was at Blanchet we didn't have science so instead, we watched a movie, the Princess Bride, and then had a normal schedule. Friday was a normal Friday expect we had science during social studies and then finished our movie. So technically we had a pretty unusual 3 day week!

I hope that we all have a good full week, and none of us get sick ( might be a little too late for that c’: ).               

-Claire Bear

Seattle snow

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