Monday, January 29, 2018

Week of January 22nd-25th, 2018

Hi, so this week was a  not so normal week especially because we had a lot a lot of homework.
I mean tons.I guess you know what I mean. Ok so first on Monday was pretty normal Monday except for science if you know what I mean. Next, on Tuesday we watched a Bill Nye the science guy movie which was so 90’s right.Next, on Wednesday we had art which I have to say was pretty fun. Oh and thanks, Mrs.Sponge for the history lesson.On Thursday it was pretty crazy, especially during
lunch/recess. We had to wait to go in during lunch because some kids would not listen to the teacher.
Next on Friday people were so pumped up to go on the ski bus even me and I wasn't even going.

On Saturday the 6th-grade girls had a basketball game against St.Joseph which was pretty intense.
Not to brag but I made a Stephen Curry shot. After the game, we had donuts which were awesome
and tasted like heaven.See ya!

~ Kenya

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