Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week of January 15th-19th, 2018

This week we started out with a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, which meant that we didn't have school. On Tuesday, we had Ms. O. as a substitute in the morning and then in Science, we learned we were going to have a test soon. Then on Wednesday we had Art in the morning and were informed that Ms. Ozubko would be having rotator cuff surgery and would not be back for 3 weeks. We had a study day in Science. In the evening there was a "Dinner for Dollars" event at Hellbent Brewing Company, but that was for parents only. On Thursday we had a free dress day and on  Friday we had the usual Mass, but we also remembered Nancy Kemp (the mother and aunt of 2 OLL students).

Also, on Friday night the family dance occurred. My sister and cousins said it was fun except for the fact that it was cut short when a young student hit his head and they called the fire department. Over the weekend, the 6th-grade girls had a basketball game that they easily won. The score was something along the lines 26-8.  Another event that happened was the Stress and Bless workshop/class at St. Catherine's  School Sunday. I know that a few members of our class attended it. The pictures below are of St. Catherine’s Parish and also the family dance.

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