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Weeks of Oct 30th & Nov 6th, 2017

Peter And Paco’s Blogs

Peter’s blog - Week of Oct. 30
(Read first 2 sentences with theatrical effect.) The week of October 30 began as a normal week… as all weeks do. But this was no ordinary week… twas the week of Halloween! Ok, enough of that. The week began pretty straightforward, but we did only have 2 days of school, so, kinda normal. In science, we did have our presentation of our bacteria WANTEd posters, though.

The next day, we had our Socratic Seminar, which was really fun. Then, the Halloween party started, and, boy, there were some good costumes. I’m not going to name anybody, but someone was Tony Tiger (hint, he is artificial), we had a Gollum and even aWP_20171031_14_15_05_Pro (1).jpg

devil! We played boys vs. girls Pin-The-Bone-On-The-Random-Pillar (I’m sure that’s the name), and had delicious cupcakes served by Emma’s mom.
I don’t know about anyone else, but (deep breath) Noah, Nick, Conrad, Conrad’s sisters, Roman, Drew, Andrew in 5th grade, my brother and I went trick-or-treating in Noah’s neighborhood that is also Roman and Drew’s neighborhood. I’m sure I didn’t confuse you there. Anyway, we raked in about 1.5-2lbs. of candy per person (no joke, there was nobody home for half and the other half hadn’t had anyone yet). I’m positive you guys and gals also got a decent amount, too.
The next 3 days we had conferences, and a book fair during that. There were many genres, such as historical fiction, science, diaries, realistic fiction, nonfiction, etc. On Thursday, it SNOWED!!! It didn’t stick, though. We did raise quite a good amount of money, though. The girls made it to the playoffs, but lost in overtime. Congrats to them for making to the playoffs! Hope I didn’t make this too long. Oh well.

Peace from Matthew’s Beach ~ Peter

Paco’s Blog-week of November 6

Since you just read Peter’s article you might be amazed and impressed because of course his included Halloween, and I can’t argue against that, but this week we started the advent concert and that is pretty cool isn’t it? The song that we are singing is the Little Drummer Boy (if you don’t remember you have problems).
Advent Practice with Ms. Heidi

Advanced band (Logan/artificial boy, me, Simon, Emma, James, and Matthew) is playing O come all ye faithful which is a really awesome song. To add to that we have our first science symposium, some projects that I have already witnessed are lava lamp, pour milk and food coloring on plate/tray thing, salt crystals, rock candy, and make sure you get one pill a day tube thing.

Also on Tuesday, we did the 20-meter pacer test. (Link to pacer test audio: )I personally am not a big fan of the pacer test and I am sure a lot of you aren’t either but I want to say special congrats to Brooke for making it that far. Thank you for reading!

~ Paco

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