Monday, October 2, 2017

Week of Sept. 25-29th, 2017

For me, mass is one of the things which is my first time doing. It just seems really different, not in a bad way for those of you who think that when I say it’s different, and you think that’s mean, I’m just saying that it’s different for me.

This month we did the one-mile run, I liked it except for the fact that I fell and scraped my wrist and knee pretty bad. Two of my classmates helped me up.

I like this school because it has food that I actually like, like the ice cream, chips, and cookies. They let you have it on Thursdays and pizza every so often.

In science, we work on science, and sometimes we use our computers. We also have a notebook which we always use in science. We use the notebooks to take notes and do the daily question. Basically, we use our notebooks every day It’s a really fun class. Our teacher’s name is Ms. O.

Three weeks ago we went to a ropes course. I didn’t like it very much cause we were really high in the air. for those of you who are wondering I have a fear of heights, The only reason I like ziplining is that I am always moving. But I did have a good time cause we got to do a lot of team building exercises that were really fun.
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It’s weird going to a new school but it’s not as weird when you've been there before. I’m not saying the school is weird I'm just saying it feels weird to go to a new school. If anyone can relate then they'd probably know what I mean. ~ Daniel C.

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