Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week of September 18th-22nd, 2017

It is the third week of school and I am very excited because this week we get put into our family’s. So we get to school and the principal called us into the gym for a fun run assembly. (if you don’t know the Fun Run is a fundraiser for the school.) The next day we elected our class reps. And guess who won. Drrrrrrrrrrum role pleeease!!! Anna and Hans!! Who could’ve asked for a better pair to represent our class?

Next, we all got our family T’s, courtesy of Anna’s dad. Mine was orange, not my personal fave, but it'll do. One of my classmates got the color deep marine blue. A color that I didn't know existed. ;) Thursday, we got to meet our family’s!!! YAY! My pre k’er was sooooo cute. We all had a blast meeting each other and we all worked together to make a candle and “let our light shine:)” Finally, on Friday, we all had reading buddies. Mine was Luke and he was super cute. Together, we read the book Why Dragons Love Tacos.

See you next time:) ~ Emory


Reading Buddies

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