Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week of Sept 5-8th, 2017

It’s the first week of school, and I can tell almost everyone is nervous. Although at the same time everyone is super excited to see their friends. So the sixth graders are called in by their new teacher, and they find their new seats. After about half an hour we head outside and go to the blessing of the doors. This is something that happens every year when Fr. Tim takes holy water and blesses the doors, and then he turns and blesses the students. This year we are going to be in middle school, and I hope it a good experience for everyone.
On the second day of school we were introduced to all of our new classes, and so far most of them have been very interesting. This year we get to do something called the book of the month, and I personally am excited to read all the different types of books. This year we get to wear free dress for p.e. so that should be fun. Middle school is a big step in our lives, but I am very confident we will pull it off :).  On Friday we had reading buddies, and the sixth grade got to read to the first graders, my reading buddy is so cute, and he really likes reading. So overall the first week of school went pretty smoothly, and I hope the rest of the year is the same.

6th Graders with their 1st-grade reading buddies

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