Sunday, September 3, 2017

Blog Writing Directions

September 5, 2017

We will use this class blog to take turns making weekly updates about what we have done in class.
A couple of things to remember are:
1. You cannot use another student's last name. Students are to be identified by FIRST NAME ONLY.
2. Please include at least two pictures from the week. Please see me for help with this. You can include pictures of sports, class activities, field trips, etc.
3. This blog is a permanent record of our year. Make sure you proofread and spell check your submission before you share it with me.
4. You should write at least 2 full paragraphs about the week. You can include what we have been working on in class, PE activities, sports scores for OLL teams.
5. You will submit your posting to me before it is put on the blog. You can email or share with me on Google Docs the blog post and pictures. I'll add it to the blog.
6. Sometimes the pictures need to be sent to me by email for me to be able to upload them to the blog.
7. You will be given a week to write about, so make sure to add it to your planner so you don't forget.

That's it to start. Happy blogging

Mrs. Pierson

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