Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 5th-9th, 2018

Hello everyone or yii em hotep as we say in Egypt. We had a very busy
week, this week we had the Egyptian Banquet. The Banquet was a lot of fun.
We got to dress like the Egyptians, wear makeup, and even eat like them.
The food was delicious and the fun part was we got to eat with our hands.
The act-outs where a lot of fun too.

But this weekend was AWESOME because the 6th grade girls got to go to
the Championships and the Playoffs. On Saturday, we played Holy Rosary
and beat them 26-15 or something like that but we played really hard and
agressive. On Sunday we went to the championship. We played another
great game but unfortunately we lost 23-7. We brought home a 2nd place
trophy to add to our TROPHY COLLECTION. But we still have 2 more years
to bring a 1st place trophy home! Hope we have another great week!


6th Grade Egyptian Banquet

6th Grade Girls BB Game

6th Grade Girls 2017-18 BB Team

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week of Jan 29-Feb 2nd, 2018

Hi everyone, Simon here. So last week was really fun!!! It was Catholic Schools Week, and we had a lot of fun things going on. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a bake sale going on. I heard we raised around $750 dollars!!! Also, on Friday we had theme day!
Our theme was digital We all dressed up as something from a video game
or from a movie.

On Thursday we had pride wear. But best of all on Friday we had a green and gold day,
but don't forget the volleyball game. It was awesome!! Even though we lost it was still a
bunch of fun! Go, teachers! (Even though I wanted the students to win) Oh, I almost forgot.
We also had some fun working on our Egyptian banquet. My group's social class is priests.
I hope everyone's project is going well too.

The boys' basketball team did really well!! We placed 4th! On Saturday we will have ourlast game. We are playing against ASB and are going to win! I hope everyone had a
good week and I hope the next week will be even better.


Working on Egyptian Banquet Project

Teacher vs. Students Volleyball Game

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week of January 22nd-25th, 2018

Hi, so this week was a  not so normal week especially because we had a lot a lot of homework.
I mean tons.I guess you know what I mean. Ok so first on Monday was pretty normal Monday except for science if you know what I mean. Next, on Tuesday we watched a Bill Nye the science guy movie which was so 90’s right.Next, on Wednesday we had art which I have to say was pretty fun. Oh and thanks, Mrs.Sponge for the history lesson.On Thursday it was pretty crazy, especially during
lunch/recess. We had to wait to go in during lunch because some kids would not listen to the teacher.
Next on Friday people were so pumped up to go on the ski bus even me and I wasn't even going.

On Saturday the 6th-grade girls had a basketball game against St.Joseph which was pretty intense.
Not to brag but I made a Stephen Curry shot. After the game, we had donuts which were awesome
and tasted like heaven.See ya!

~ Kenya

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week of January 15th-19th, 2018

This week we started out with a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, which meant that we didn't have school. On Tuesday, we had Ms. O. as a substitute in the morning and then in Science, we learned we were going to have a test soon. Then on Wednesday we had Art in the morning and were informed that Ms. Ozubko would be having rotator cuff surgery and would not be back for 3 weeks. We had a study day in Science. In the evening there was a "Dinner for Dollars" event at Hellbent Brewing Company, but that was for parents only. On Thursday we had a free dress day and on  Friday we had the usual Mass, but we also remembered Nancy Kemp (the mother and aunt of 2 OLL students).

Also, on Friday night the family dance occurred. My sister and cousins said it was fun except for the fact that it was cut short when a young student hit his head and they called the fire department. Over the weekend, the 6th-grade girls had a basketball game that they easily won. The score was something along the lines 26-8.  Another event that happened was the Stress and Bless workshop/class at St. Catherine's  School Sunday. I know that a few members of our class attended it. The pictures below are of St. Catherine’s Parish and also the family dance.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week of January 8th-12th, 2018

This week of school was interesting to say the least. We started the week like any other with the usual pledging of the elegance and Monday morning meetup. During the Monday morning meetup, the kindergarten put on a miny play about how baby Jesus was born. I think I speak for everyone when I say I was impressed. Then there was a bowling field trip on Thursday wich as with the whole week was interesting. When we got there I was astonished by the incredibly long line of the vending machine, even funnier was that whenever you got a more gut ball and of a strike, spare, or split there would be an animation of a bowling pin being A, mangled B, thrown into a bunch of pins or C, hit with a bowling ball and cut in half. Midway through this extravagant trip to spin co. vending machine alley (yes they actually called it that do to the line at the vending machine) I actually bowled a spare and OOOOOH Boy I was hyped as in within a minute of doing so I chugged a whole bottle of soda!

   The next mildly important event of the week was the speech tournament which occurred on Saturday. When I got them I saw Hans, Brooke, Logan, and everyone else. My first round was a pure work of art I made one person cry and, did not go over time. I also watched Hans’s and Frankie’s speeches in the category of storybook and also expository. Then we had lunch which was quite the situation, to say the least. Earlier in the day, I heard a speech on food that is bad for you that could cause obesity and unsurprisingly half of the items in my lunch, where on the list, I can't figure out why twinkies and Doritos cause obesity. Then came the finals which were an emotional time for all of us because of Frankie, Daniel, Logan, and Hans all find. To top it all off OLL placed in the FIRST which made Jen and Vick so happy!

-Noah 2212

Vending Machine Line

Happy Bowlers

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week of January 3-5th, 2018

Now we all know that nobody wanted to go to school on Wednesday.Yes, even your Mrs. Pierson, but hey! We got to have two extra days of break so that’s pretty snazzy.

During break, I’m sure everyone had a great time in the snow! This week on Wednesday we had science and surprise, surprise Mr. Muscle Man from Poke-A-Muscle Appeared, I’m sure some of the class were VERY enthusiastic about this! We also had our first play practice! It was kinda boring but I honestly was enjoying myself trying to sing African and we did have our laughing breakouts while trying to sing because everyone knows how to sing African!
Thursday was slightly different since Ms. O was at Blanchet we didn't have science so instead, we watched a movie, the Princess Bride, and then had a normal schedule. Friday was a normal Friday expect we had science during social studies and then finished our movie. So technically we had a pretty unusual 3 day week!

I hope that we all have a good full week, and none of us get sick ( might be a little too late for that c’: ).               

-Claire Bear

Seattle snow

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week of Dec 4th-8th, 2017

This week was, for the most part, was normal, but was a bit unusual, and was a lot of fun.

At the beginning of the week, it was more normal. On Monday, we watched some of The Prince of Egypt movie, worked on Hammurabi's Code, at science we played whack a bone, and at recess, some people played once-ler tag which was interesting, to say the least. On Tuesday, we figured out who our secret Santas were and of course, played whack a bone at science. On Wednesday, we had our cell project presentation.

The end of the week, on the other hand, was less normal. On Thursday we had burgers for lunch, (which was yummy) practiced for the mass on Friday, and of course, we played whack a bone. On Friday we had our special mass, had reading buddies, finished the Prince of Egypt movie, and had cookies!

Image result for lofthouse cookies
The cookies we had on Friday.

Peter playing Whack a Bone

Week of February 5th-9th, 2018

Hello everyone or yii em hotep as we say in Egypt. We had a very busy week, this week we had the Egyptian Banquet. The Banquet was a lot o...