Monday, May 7, 2018

Week of April 30-May 4th, 2018

   This week was interesting, to say the least.  From Tuesday to Thursday we had MAP testing (imagine computerized standardized testing).  That took up most of the week’s time, so we didn’t have any science class except on Monday, which was sad.  MAP testing is very weird sometimes giving people questions they don’t even understand (that was me on the math test).  Even though the testing took up much of day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we still had math every day. The MAP test really ruined our week’s schedule.

   On Monday we had the grandparents and special friends lunch which was very fun.  Before the event, the cast and crew got to help set up tables. At the end of the lunch, the cast of the musical performed a few songs from the musical.  The crew also got to stay and listen to the songs. In social studies, we learned about the different forms of government in ancient Greece. During this, we lived out those forms of government by listening to songs and we decided those songs by the type of government.  For instance, when we learned about monarchy, Izzy was the queen, I was was the prince. Izzy chose a song, then we pretended she died and I became king and I chose a song. On Friday, we had a silly string fight with the Ms. O, Mrs. Pierson, Mrs. Hawk, and Mr. Meaux. I scared the living daylights out of Mrs. Hawk with only an empty can of silly string.

~ Daniel Z.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week of April 23 to 27th, 2018

Monday was different than normal. Instead of math, we had outside time for that I feel :) and :(. Besides that everything went fine.

Tuesday was different. We walked for Water. We use food which symbolizes the water so many other people in the world have to carry every day. Kenya and I almost passed out because we had no water on the way there and back. It was a hot day. Good thing we didn't :). We were able to cool down in a park and eat our lunches.

Wednesday was great because we went to camp. We discovered that my cabin group had a gigantic yurt to stay in we unpacked. When we got to camp we had lunch and went on a zip line. We all have the choice to go on a top bunk but some didn't, for instance, Noah slept under my bed! At the dining hall, we all lined up outside and got told a story about food waste and how it's wasted from other people's work. So that's when we had the Ort report after every meal and our goal was to get as low as possible to show that we weren't wasting people's work. Our school on the third meal got 0 Ort. We went to cabins or Yurts and lights out was at 10.

Thursday was really strange for me because I was without my shirt on putting sunscreen on. When Noah shouted to some fifth-grade girls and said” look up here.” they saw me. No big deal but Noah thought it was funny. During rec time Hans, Daniel C and me went to the archery range and shot a round of arrows. None of my arrows stayed in the target :(  No one was injured! After dinner which was hamburger's, we went to our cabins for about an hour practicing our skits. At around 9 we went to the Outback Trail and went to another campfire away from fifth graders and then performed our skits and danced to music. Then we walked back to our cabins and we had lights out at 10 after we played flux.

Friday was sad because we had to pack up and leave and go home :(. Before we went home we played kickball with a giant ball. After lunch, we cleaned up and had a DANCE PARTY! The ride home was fun because we played never have I ever. It was a great week with my classmates. We were all very tired after we got home. I had a great shower!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week of April 16-20th, 2018

Monday, like many other days, was very uneventful. First, we tried
the map testing once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Sadly, I
think it still didn’t work after those tests because of the wifi.
Second, we helped the 1st grade with the Fitness Gram tests. James
and I did not have partners so we sharpened pencils and mopped the
floors. Finally, we did not have ELA at the end of the day because
we helped the 1st grade.
Tuesday, got a little more eventful. In science, we learned that we
would be researching a genetic disorder. I learned that OCD was a
“disease.” Lots of people used powtoons and imovie to do their projects.
The next thing we did was the Fitness Gram Pacer test. The FitnessGram
Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively
gets more difficult as it continues. Next, Mrs. Pierson told us about
the Poetry Project. It consists of a Food Poem, I am so hungry for…
poem, and Inside this… poem. At the end of the day, we recommended
who we would like to be in our cabins. After school, the girls were
very excited. What were they excited for-...a volleyball game against
Lakeside. In the end, they smashed Lakeside’s faces and went home
In art on Wednesday, we wrote about what our Pysanky Eggs represent
and mine was about prosperity, wealth, and abundant crops. Second,
Ms. O gave us a full work period to do our projects. At the end of
the day, we learned more about camp and asked lots of questions
Thursday was very fun and entertaining. We got to work on our projects
in science while the wifi was not working. In PE we played Daniel Z’s
supersport game which was Field Hockey. It was very fun and a lot
better than the Fitness Gram Pacer test. Finally, for Hot Lunch, we
got Image result for papa johns instead of Image result for dominos which was interesting.
As usual, on Friday we had mass and the homily was very different
than usual. Then, Mrs. Denniston came in and made comics with us
about a topic. Third, we enjoyed our reading buddies and picture books.
Personally, reading buddies brings me back to my childhood.
After Break Time, we learned out cabin assignments and learning
groups. Eventually, we had to do some learning so we went to math
and played memory games. We then watched Ferdinand the Bull which
was a decent movie. Along with the movie came rootbeer floats, yet
I spilled mine so I was all sticky. The very last thing we did
on Friday was play kickball.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week of April 9-13th, 2018

We all came back to school on Monday, not wanting to be there. After spring break we were tired and grumpy, some of us were jet-lagged, and there were a lot of people absent. But that’s beside the point. Monday was normal for the most part. Science was pretty boring if I remember correctly and in Religion we had our weekly class meeting. We talked about Spring Break, and how zits were the worst part of being a pre-teen. Mrs. Pierson also showed us a bunch of pictures from her adventure to New York. In Social Studies we started doing an activity about the Han Dynasty which was not boring, and kinda fun. We had Math without Mrs. Hawk and started our essay in ELA. At the end of the day, Mrs. Pierson let us watch Marcel the Shell with shoes on two, which was funny. We made it through Monday :|.
On Tuesday more people came back (some later in the day), and we had yet another normal and uneventful day. Science was really fun. We did a lab about mutations, and we acted like squirrels burying our nuts for the winter. In PE we started our fitness test and we had to run for five minutes to practice for the mile on Friday :|. We continued our Social Studies activity, had Math without Mrs. Hawk, worked on our essay draft in ELA, and finished our day with Marcel the Shell with shoes on three.
When we got to school on Wednesday, I’m pretty sure we were up to our full attendance (except for Sidney who came later in the day). In Art, we did these easter egg things called pysanky eggs, which are cool. In Science, we did a packet that went with the lab from Tuesday, and we got done early so we played a mutation hunting game. We finished our essay drafts and started revising. We had yet another Mrs. Hawkless Math and finished the day at 2 :).
Thursday was not so normal. We did an activity in Science that involved m&m’s, red hots, math, and teamwork. My group did it wrong the first time so we had to restart :(. We didn’t have PE so we wrote stories about this little girl that was duct taped to a wall with her duck. Conrad’s story was super funny and it said: “then your boy Qin Shi Huangdi came in and took Vimeo to China and they dabbed happily ever after.” Mrs. Denniston also came in because she was not there on Friday morning. Then, we finished our Social Studies activity and got some extra time to work on stuff. OLL hot lunch was tacos. In Math, we were so giddy and restless that Mrs. Boone just gave up on most of us. We finished the day with more essay work.
Friday started like Monday, we didn’t want to be there because we were all dreading the mile. We didn’t have mass, so we finished our essays, and we learned about prophets in Religion. We reviewed for our Social Studies test on Monday. Then we began our walk down to the track after lunch. After about an hour of waiting in the cold rainy weather, we finally got to run. I would like to give a special congratulations to Hansey because he ran a very fast personal best at 6:18 ;). At seven o’clock the dance started. It was OLL’s only dance of the year and the eight grade invited us to raise more money for their graduation dinner. At the end, I was really tired, but I had a really great time.
The weekend was pretty busy for me at least. On Saturday the girls had a Volleyball game against ASB, which we won. I know that the boys beat St. Mark which is very exciting that they won, but I don’t know which day that was on. The other busy part of my weekend was the Washington Cup. I had a total of three games and won all three. This weekend was the qualifying round and I know that me, Hans, Alania, and Paco’s teams advanced to the next stage :).

Fun week, Brooke

6th Grade Volleyball Team

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week of March 12-18th, 2018

Week of March 11-18th 2018

This week was pretty crazy we started the week with dress rehearsals for the play. Then Tuesday came and it was pretty normal, except that we had someone come in at P.E. to teach us salsa dancing. Wednesday was crazy we started with Pi day. During Pi day we would all go to our families and play math games and eat pie, not the number Pi, the food pie. After that, we went to a 17-minute prayer service for the 17 lives lost in the Florida shooting. Finally, we did half of the play for the rest of the school but we cut out the Stampede because we didn’t want to kill Mufasa in front of the kids.

For anyone NOT in the play, Thursday was normal just fine but for the kids that ARE it was INSANE. We got out of school and had around one and a half hours until we had to get to the opening night of the play and we didn’t get home till about 9:30. My favorite part of the play was "They Live in You." Then from Friday-Sunday were pretty much the same except we didn’t have school. YAAAAAAY. So we actually got time at home. Then if you were on the boy’s volleyball team you had to get up on Saturday to go to a volleyball game.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week of March 5th-9th, 2018

This week was a normal and fun week. On Monday we had a normal day which was a nice way to start off the week. On Tuesday we had a quiz in math and we had pictures taken in P.E. Then on Wednesday we had the usual one-hour dismissal and otherwise, it was a usual day. Next, on Thursday the middle school went to the Seattle Children's Theater to watch a play. The play was about a boy that lived in a Japanese concentration camp during WWll and was called The Journal of Ben Uchida.

After school on Thursday, the people from the play went to practice and that’s when a fire alarm went off! Even the firemen came but the cause was a volleyball hitting a sprinkler in the gym. So everyone was fine. Finally, on Friday we had a fun day because we watched a movie in social studies and a movie in math! On Sunday the girls' volleyball team has a game and we have play practice and will be going through the whole play. Overall this week was fun and mostly easy.



Monday, March 5, 2018

Week of February 26th-March 2nd, 2018

This week was just a normal week. First, Monday was just a normal day. On Tuesday, a speaker from the We organization came, then about half of the class participated in a workshop. At the workshop, we played some games, then we split into two groups to come up with an idea to help two different worldwide problems. On Wednesday, we presented our nervous system disease projects. All of them were really good. Also on Wednesday, we got introduced to Membean. Membean is a vocabulary website that teaches you a lot of vocabulary. To start Thursday, we presented more of our science projects. After that, we were just starting to learn a new dance, when Mrs. Clayton came to our rescue and took everyone in the play to the Multi-Purpose Room to practice for the play. While most of us were in the play, the other part of the class participated in the P.E. Winter Olympics. In Social Studies, we had a test. The rest of Thursday was normal, and the hot lunch was tacos.
On Friday, our 50 point book reports were due. We got to school and had Mass, then Mrs. Pierson gave us no Mass reflection. After that, we had second step/religion and social studies. Then came recess and lunch, but after that, we had no math because the 7th grade and our math teachers went on a field trip. Instead of math, we presented our book reports. I saw a ton of time capsules. After we presented it was time for everyone’s favorite subject: ELA!!! But once again, Mrs. Clayton came to our rescue to take the play people to practice. After that, school was out, but a lot of the class went on the last ski bus trip of the year. Saturday came, and the boys' volleyball team played St. Al/John at 10:00 A.M. We got destroyed the first game, but we won our second game. We started out good, and we won!
You stay classy Mrs. Pierson’s class.

Play practice

Week of April 30-May 4th, 2018

   This week was interesting, to say the least.  From Tuesday to Thursday we had MAP testing (imagine computerized standardized testing). ...